Reflecting Back

I felt that a lot of the structures we studied this semester weren’t exactly “new” to me. There were always poems that I read with these structures, and it felt like there was something there, but now it is good to be able to put a name to how the poem is organized. I enjoyed the Concessional Structure the most throughout everything we did. I feel that a lot of writing was already in this structure (or at least leaning towards this kind of structure with a bit of revision). For my future work I can use this structure to try to (almost) convince the reader to believe my thoughts through my words. I think this structure is also among a favorite because the turns in it are a bit simpler to pin-point when reading and easier to work with when writing (for me at least).

As far as favorite book to read from this semester, I would have to choice G.C. Waldrep’s One Way No Exit. I really enjoyed how he really thought out of the box and took everything a step farther than what would seem to the norm, from his title to how the book is bound to even the poems inside based off of photographs. G.C. Waldrep seemed to really push his limits to create a wonderful book. I really like the idea of writing a bunch of poems centered around one specific thing (such as the photographs). I would like to work with something along these lines, the problem is finding the time and the perfect things to be inspired by.


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