Ironic Structure and Catherine Pierce

Out of all of the structures that we have read about this year I think that I find the ironic structure most interesting.  People have often noticed that I write the same way that I talk, which is at times very sarcastic or humorous.  Although this does not come out much in my poetry writing, I think that the ironic structure would be a good tool to use if I wanted it to.  The ironic structure first caught my attention when I read the poem, “You Fit Into Me.”  I found this poem interesting because it was only four lines, but it said more for me than some four page poems.  I enjoyed its ambiguity and the different ways in which it would be interpreted.  I would like to try to write a small poem like this one that I consider to be finished.

The author I liked the most was Catherine Pierce.  I found that many of her poems were on the shorter side like mine and their content was easier for me to understand unlike other poets.  While I like the images Asher Ghaffer presented in his poetry, I did not have enough time in my schedule to do all of the research needed to fully read and understand the poem.  I especially liked the poem entitled, “In which I Imagine Myself into a David Lynch Movie.”  I thought that after seeing numerous David Lynch movies in my film classes in the past two years the poem would not surprise me.  Actually, the poem was much like one of Silvana’s earlier this year and I was surprised how much the overall tone of the poem made me feel like I was in a David Lynch film.  Catrherine Pierce’s accecability and similarity to my writing made her my favorite for the year.


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