Turning to a Golden Dream with Some Wasps

Throughout the entire book of Wasps In A Golden Dream Hum A Strange Music it can defiantly said that from poem to poem there is a specific turn in the form. This concept is completely different when it comes down to analyzing just one poem in hopes of finding a turn, more specifically a mid-course turn that has to do with genre. I found this somewhat hard but decided to give it my best shot while looking at the poem titled Wasps In A Golden Dream (60-62).

Through this poem I I saw three somewhat shifts using the voice of the speaker of the poem as well as a turn of images. The first turn is a little tricky to place because it can come from two places; I think this is due to a smooth transition on Ghaffar’s part. The first place that the porm could possibly turn would be with the lines:

Wasps in a golden dream hum a starnge music.

The autumnal image provides membrane

for the mind again.

The second would be the stanza right underneath it:

The sirens wail through the empty street,

autumn’s last song,


The reason I feel like it is between these two is because then the transition takes place where the poem is talking about a burning building after just describing ‘landscapes’ and ‘rivers flowing’. So it takes the reader from imagery that is very peaceful and somewhat calm without the hectic activity involved with a burning building. The second turn starts when Ghaffar starts to drift into talk of the past and connects it towards the burning building. So even though he is on a different subject he has moved on using a link from something else to get to the bottom of something. This turn was evident through the straightforward words in the stanza:

The here. The there. Not proper to build a lean-to

in these woods, paki.

We learned to build a lean-to after reading

a Boy Scout manual. In case you are ever trapped

in the great white north, be sure to bring an umbrella.

The reason I find this stanza a turn is because of the tone of voice that I get from it, using the past voice and a somewhat sarcastic or declarative voice, that have been placed right next to each other.  Also, the words ‘Not proper to build a lean-to in these woods, paki’ definitely shake up the poem a bit with the voice and the direction of  who exactly the speaker is speaking to, or even the change of the speaker himself. Another turn could be when he brings up the term ‘alchemy’ which is a change from all of the ‘building’ and ‘burning’ references that he has been making, yet this is a very brief instance so I’m not quite sure if I could actually call it a full turn. It seems more of a concept/idea turn within one line of the poem that he uses to switch the topic for a moment.

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