Concessional Reality

I chose to anaylize the poem “On Senimentality” by Andrew Hudgins. This poem is about the narrator’s first time he saw the movie “Limelight,” and how he thought that when Tereza screamed over her significant other (?) leaving, it seemed superficial. He then finds himself in the same position as her, and doesn’t scream. When he sees the movie again, he finds himself in her, and realizes that, because she isn’t real, she can do what he could not. He says, “Because she isn’t real, she’ll do everything I did and do it better.”

This is an interesting concept, and one I had to grapple with in my head for a little bit. This is the same process the narrator is going through. One cannot plan what they are going to think, and so this poem possesses a natural progression. It seems real. And that is why this poem goes beyond being just a strategic tactic.

One Response to “Concessional Reality”

  1. karlakelsey Says:

    Try to push these ideas even further. It is a fine tactic–to begin with a summary of a poem (often poems are quite tricky this way)–but work to articulate how this summary reflects the concessional structure. How is the structure complex(ed)??

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