First Post

Hi Poets:
Welcome to our first post. Please “Add new” when you respond, rather than comment. Along with this post you should also read other responses, using the “comment” box to comment on what other poets in class have said. In addition, please don’t forget to send me your e-mail letter. And, if any of you would like to come by office hours this week to talk about the poems we mini-workshopped, my office hours this week will be Thursday from 2:30-5 and Friday from 1:30-5. Here is the prompt:

Work with Robert Frost’s “Design” or Jorie Graham’s “Prayer.” Consider the tools that the writer uses to effect the shift/turn in the poem from description to meditation. Think through, in your post, the poet’s use of 1 of these tools (if you work with a shift in the use of metaphor, for example, how does the poet use metaphor before the turn vs. after–use examples). Finish your post by remarking on what you think makes the turn effective and important to the poem. Comment on how such work might or might not be a relevant tool for you to use as a writer.

Links, fyi: go here for an image of a 16th century “emblem poem”

Below, our friend the chambered nautilus…


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