Welcome poets! For our “name” I’ve chosen the first line from a Derek Walcott poem, “Sea Grapes.” Perhaps poetry, or we, are the sail and structure, light.

Please post and comment below, just so that we can make sure we are all able to log in and “speak”…


10 Responses to “”

  1. Poetry FTW

  2. I’m pretty sure with this blog, we all get +10 pretentious points.

  3. itsblogvana Says:


  4. indeed, poetry ftw

  5. cmdrquack Says:

    James here. Logged in and posting just fine.

  6. jessgross Says:

    knock knock! đŸ™‚

  7. bennett89 Says:

    GO – no go? … all signs say GO

  8. I really like the title of our class blog – why is it that some of the most beautiful poetic phrases are words we all know arranged in a way we hadn’t yet considered?

  9. simcity00 Says:

    fun ^-^

  10. superduder Says:

    Poetry yay!

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